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Friday, February 26, 2021
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Leopard caught in Udaipur

In the Udaipur city palace, a leopard was found inside the palace which alarmed the palace people. There are tourists in the palace when this incident happened. So they took necessary action and hold the people to roam inside the palace.

Forest authorities were called quickly and they stayed outdoors inside the royal residence on Sunday night. In the interim, the visitor development was halted in the royal residence, affirmed authorities. The woods authorities attempted to tranquilize the panther however flopped in the entirety of its endeavors as the panther was situated at a far away separation. Woodland authorities at that point put a pen close to precious stone display in which a goat was put inside to draw the leopard.

Finally the leopard was caught after lot of effort then they put it in the cage. The leopard entered inside the palace in the night and stay there. When the security persons of the palace saw that they made sure it should not come out and roam or hide some where. They saw the leopard in the gallery in the night and close all the doors of the gallery to make sure it should not come out and should get caught.

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