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Thursday, February 25, 2021
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How to face the Board Exams

Bhubaneswar: The board exams are coming up as well as the tension and anxiety among the students. They are facing many common issues like food, sleep, lack of rest etc. Health experts are suggesting to have yoga, listen to light music which might being down the anxiety a little bit down.

According to the experts, not feeling hungry, not feeling sleepy are some common factor those are found among the students. Their advice to the parents to take care of them in this crucial time period. Give them less amount of food in small intervals and keep them hydrated throughout the day. Doctors also advised them not to give many medicines during these time periods which is being followed by the parents now a days. The advice to the students that they shouldn’t study too much on the day before exams, have some good sleep. Which will help them to get up early in the next morning and prepared for the exams. Relax yourself, throughout all the tensions from your mind, give a quick recap to the chapter and make yourself free mood. In that way can do good in the exams.


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