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109 Garabadu will have a corona test

PURI: The second phase meeting of the “Snana Jatra” was held today at the Niladri Bhaktanibas on how to comply with the guidelines on the corona cut before bathing. The workshop, organised by the district health department, was attended by a number of senior officials, including the temple’s development administrator, the district chief medical officer, and the additional district chief medical officer.

How to deal with the corona ghosts and how to use social distance during bathing and rath yatra. Garabdu servants are advised to do so. This meeting is important as the Garabadu service plays a key role in the Lord’s bathing procession. A total of 109 Garabdu servants have work to do for the bath. The main focus of the meeting is on how the Garabdu services from the water dwelling house can bring water to the baths for the Lord while maintaining social distance. Experienced health care providers are especially aware of such services

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