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Thursday, February 25, 2021
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PM Narendra Modi writes to President of China

New Delhi: As the coronavirus outbreak in the Hubei province of China, this has become a world level threat. As their citizen’s are suffering, many Indians are there who are coming back to their own country. Most of them are students. As the virus is spreading more day by day, there are certain problem arises like shortage of man power and tools. In this crucial time, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is supporting with a helping hand and wrote a letter to the President of China Xi Jinping. According to the reports, India is standing with China with all it’s support.

As in the beginning, it has been banned to export the masks, gloves and other tools, now India government has taken off that ban. India will export those items. With all support to China, India will also evacuate the Indians present in China.

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