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Friday, February 26, 2021
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Richest among others

According to the declaration in March 2019, it is known that the assets of the Chief Minister is more than the other ministers in the state. All the assets are declared are coming around 64 crore rupees according to the reports. In the website of the chief minister, all the details were uploaded in his office only on Tuesday.

It looks like that the value of the Chief Minster’s property is getting increased by 15 crore every year. This is because of the value of his immovable properties in Bhubaneswar and Delhi. He has properties in Faridabad, Delhi as well. According to the chief minister, the value of Naveen Niwas, the current value of the same is around 43 crore. The value of his Faridabad, Delhi property will come around 22 crores. He has build a farm house there more like a vacation house. The interesting fact is that the chief minister who is consecutive ruling Odisha from last 5 times has not repaid his loan amounts.

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