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Thursday, February 25, 2021
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490 deaths because of Coronavirus

As on Wednesday, the number of deaths have been increased to 490 in China because of Novel coronavirus. As the virus is spreading around the world, India has also seen 3 positive cases of coronavirus infection. Currently new positive cases has been seen in Japan in a Hong Kong cruise ship. On the ship new positive cases were found, though they got immediate attention of effective treatment on the ship but this is the first new cases that was found in the country. The infected people will stay in isolation and in observation for 14 days in the ship itself. All rthe test are not carried out yet, they are under process. It was bring to notice of the Health Minister Nobukatsu Kato and he said all the actions necessary actions, effective treatment will be done.

With the focal point of the flare-up, Wuhan, cut off by rail, air and street to attempt to contain the infection, the U.S. furthermore, different nations were arranging more clearing flights for their residents still in the focal Chinese city. The most recent territory China figures indicated an expansion of 65 pass ways from the earlier day, all the new passings from Wuhan. The quantity of new cases expanded to 24,324, an ascent of 3,887 from the earlier day. Outside terrain China, at any rate 180 cases have been affirmed, including two fatalities, one in Hong Kong and another in the Philippines. To treat the a large number of patients, China raced to construct emergency clinics and changed over an exercise center, show lobby and social focus in Wuhan. As new cases are coming up and day by days the infection rate is increasing, the beds in the quarantines have been increased. 1,000 more beds have been arranged and patients are being shifted there. In next few days they are going to build 1,500 new beds hospitals for keeping the suspect cases in observation.

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