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Government has stepped down on Corona matter, now Jagannath is the only hope: Niranjan Patnaik

Bhubaneswar – At present, the situation in Odisha is very confusing and busy. “I don’t understand how the government wants to deal with Corona,” PCC president Niranjan Patnaik said in a press release today . Various quarantine centers are now in a state of disrepair. Those who are being discharged from Sparta are not given the 2,000 rupees they are required to pay. No one knows how long the gardening and painting work has gone on at the quarantine Center. “Therefore, the quarantine Center is not functioning properly,” said PCC President Niranjan Patnaik. The government did not even give rice or pulses to migrants who were returning. Nor is the NRGS work that is supposed to start. The rainy day will begin in a very short time. When will people work? The most worrying thing is that the grenade is coming, the train is coming but our government does not know or our government is not informed. Thousands of people arrived yesterday. “Their condition is stable,” said Niranjan . But our government does not know that.

Commenting on the state government’s decision to sell liquor online, Mr Patnaik questioned what would have been the government’s loss if it had stopped selling liquor until the end of the Lucknow, as it would have suffered so much during the fighting, and what would have been the problem if it had stopped drinking for four to five days. Now is the time for the people of Odisha to oppose the sale of alcohol. At this point the government had a chance that

Putting people without alcohol could have completely eradicated the state in the future. This corona is a tragedy. But Mr Patnaik was outraged that the government had not been able to take advantage of the many opportunities it had at this time or that it would not be able to discipline the regime.

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