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Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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83 isolated in State because of Coronavirus

After the coronavirus outbreak, it has been a world threat and claimed more than 1000 lives. It was started in the Wuhan City of China first. So that reason, people returned to their homes to every part of the world. Many students were studying there and they also returned to India through a special Air India plane. Our state received 83 such suspects from that place.

After they reach our state, they were being isolated in their home from that day. Though there no such infections, still as precautionary measures, they were being quarantined till now in their respective homes. Our state officials were also prepared for that from the health department. There were around 80 beds reserved to attain such cases in SCB medical college. But after such long time duration, it seems that there is no infection of coronavirus left and those reserved beds are still empty as per officials.

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