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Friday, September 24, 2021
Home News 5 years completed by space telescope of India: ISRO chief

5 years completed by space telescope of India: ISRO chief

India’s first stargazing mission, the multi-frequency space telescope called AstroSat, has finished its five-year mission life, however is probably going to stay in space and create significant information for a couple of more years. “Astrosat has finished its central goal life expectancy of five years, however all the instruments are working fine and we anticipate that the observatory should stay useful for a couple of more years,” said Dr K Sivan, director, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), during an online class.

He outlined India’s likely arrangements for logical missions. “ISRO has enormous designs for space cosmology and investigation. We will see the dispatch of more space science missions beginning with the dispatch of XPoSat, a mission devoted to contemplating the X-beam polarization from inestimable sources. This will be the first polarimetric mission in 50 years. This will be trailed by the nation’s sunlight based mission Aditya-L1,” said Sivan.

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