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Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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Teacher detained for school uniform

A teacher of a private Odisha school in Ganjam region was kept on Saturday over claims that she constrained a class 1 young lady understudy to strip as discipline for not wearing the school uniform.

The teacher of KC Public School in Berhampur purportedly constrained the understudy to remove her stockings as she didn’t wear the all-white school uniform on Saturday. The young lady announced the issue to her dad who at that point reached the school head AK Mishra. At the point when the chief purportedly endeavored to make light of the issue, the young lady’s dad stopped a grievance with the Baidyanathpur police headquarters, following which the educator was kept. The father of the girl said that she doesn’t want to go to school because of the incident that happened in the school and all her friends are teasing her for the same. After listening this her father lodged the complaint. Now it has been said to the teacher to apologize the student and also the teacher has to admit that this kind of activity will never happen in future.

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