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Saturday, September 25, 2021
Home Politics Covid Hospital is home to Bharatiya Janta Party

Covid Hospital is home to Bharatiya Janta Party

Koraput: Bharatiya Janata Party visited Koraput covid hospital. Led by Gautam Samantaray, a permanent member Legislative Assembly of the Jaipur constituency, the status of the Jaipur Coed Hortal was examined. In view of the growing number of corona patients and deaths in Koraput district, the government’s approach to the number of deaths, irregularities in the grant of the Center and irregularities in all forms of assistance has been met with the BJP activists in covid hospital. The number of cases of coronadisease is unclear, with the condition of the ventilator inoperable, the inactivity of the erysipelas, the lack of anesthesia, and the lack of emergency medicine. Despite the central government’s assurances and promises to provide all the benefits to the patients, the patients are being sent to Vishakhapatnam in Koraput. The Koraput district health administration and the government have been raising a number of questions about the secret brokers who have no interest in the Vishikapatnam doctors. Gautam Samantaray said the BJP would use the answer in the coming days.

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