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Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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Taj Mahal was closed on Valentines Day

The Taj mahal is a symbol of love, and today on valentines day, it attract lot of couple to visit the place. As it was closed today, but didn’t stop couples to express their love. Even if Taj Mahal was closed, couple were visible around the Taj Mahal and expressing their love for each other.

Since the Taj was closed, locations around the monument from where the Taj could be seen were filled with couples. Mehtab Bagh, the historical garden right behind the Taj Mahal, across the Yamuna became the favorite place for couples to hang out, enjoying the balmy weather, expressing their love on the valentines day in the day light around the Taj Mahal. The eateries, from where the Taj Mahal is unmistakable, additionally got substantial footfall from the couples trying to have an extraordinary dinner on Valentine’s Day. Strangely, the vast majority of different landmarks of Agra, which were open on Friday, were loaded up with residential couples and outside travelers were not obvious in huge numbers.

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