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Saturday, February 27, 2021
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India’s win over coronavirus

As the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan city of China, it spred to many places of the world. As there is medicine for this coronavirus, more than thousand lives already claimed. In this scenario many students came back from the wuhan city. There was special Air India flights those bring them back. After coming back, all of them when for the coronavirus testing, out of which three students tested positive for the coronavirus infection. They staying in a isolated place and under medication. One patient discharged from the hospital as he was tested negative for coronavirus infection for around a week. After a week of testing, finally the doctors sent him home. Now the second patient is also in that row. Number of tests for coronavirus is coming negative consucatively from number of days. May be he might get back to her home soon. As per the reports, the third patient is also stable.

India will be the first among others who has won the battle against coronavirus.


Odisha News Agency

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