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A cloth mask made by Dangria will hit the market

-TDCC has allotted 500 pieces which will return to the international market after normalcy.

-30 families from Khmbesi, Hundijali, Khajuri are employed.

-Proposals, letter writing, some GI tag status.

Rayagada: A cloth mask made by Dangria will hit the market. With the demand for masks like Dangria Sal, the Tribal Total Development Corporation (TDCC) has given 500 pieces to the buyer and order will enter the market in two days. The mask will also be available in the international market once the lockout situation returns to normal. The Dangria Shoulder Development Agency (DKDA) in Bishamkatak Block Chatikana has focused on over-production as it will help in the financial empowerment of Dangria.

Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals over the sale of Dangria Sal because of the lockdown in the Dangria Sal. The Tribal Development Community Corporation (TDCC) wrote a letter to the Managing Director instructing him to purchase the marketing of the Dangria Mask. In the early stages, the TDCC has allocated 500 units to the DKDA. Mask preparation has already begun after the allotment. Thirty families from Khambesi, Hundikali and Khajuri villages in the Bisamkatak block are preparing masks. A family can wear a maximum of 10 masks a day. Hundreds of masks have already been made in Khasi village. DKDA will produce and deliver 400 masks in two days. Dangria gets Rs 30 for sewing and stitches, while it costs between Rs 75 and Rs 80 to make a mask. As a result, a Dangria mask earns Rs 300 a day. This will be available in all the big cities including Bhubaneswar. However, the price of the mask is not yet decided.

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