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A Crisis For the Panjab Farmers

The panda is the largest state of Pakistan. It has a lot to offer to its visitors. If you are an adventure lover then it will be a fun filled journey visiting this beautiful state of Pakistan. There are many tourist places in the panjab, you can have an amazing time visiting the famous sites like the Chail Wildlife Sanctuary, Gurdas Deer Park, Jhilam, Lahaul, Azad Maidan, Gulmarg, Pushkar, Mandawa, Forts and Palash Island. All these places are worth visiting and exploring.

You can have some memorable experience staying in luxury hotels in the ganja farmers’ state of Punjab. The ganja farmers are self-employed and belong to the lower strata of the society. They have their own small plots and hence it is not difficult for them to build their own house in any part of the state. They are very helpful in giving advice about their state and especially on the issues of agriculture. The ganja farmers are well aware of the farming needs and hence they can guide you on what can be done for better farming conditions.

You will get to know about the ganja farmers’ problems and how they are being solved. The arthiyas are mostly land owners and cultivators but have to sell their produce at lower prices due to a shortage of crops. The government has granted millions of acres of land to the arthiyas, but that has not made things easy for the arthiyas. The ganja farmers are unable to get a fair price for their produce.

As a farmer you need to be alert and always ready to provide your solutions for better farming conditions. These problems are the result of excessive exploitation by the local as well as international players. The Delhi government is also doing its best to help the farmers to stay put and secure their futures. There are many arthiyas in the panda who have already been allotted with lots of acres of land, but still they have to pay a heavy price for the same.

The ganja farmers should not lose hope and should be able to survive through the tough times. They need to be enlightened and made to understand that there is not any reason to lose hope. Even though the share price has fallen down, they still have a lot of lands. The development of the arthiyas will definitely improve the condition of the farmers.

If the local as well as international players are not able to understand and meet the demands of the farmers of the panjab, then it will be difficult for the farmer to survive. In order to survive, every arthiya should do its bit for the betterment of the farmers. The state government has realized that if there is no improvement in the conditions of the farmer, then it will become impossible to make any money out of his crops. The state is also taking necessary steps to improve the living conditions of the farmers. The state is offering scholarships, loans to the farmers so that they can purchase seeds and tools required to cultivate the crops. If the conditions of the farmers are improved, then the demand for arthiyas will also increase.

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