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A Personal Review of Pizza Hut Co.


The founder of Pizza Hut is one of the most recognized food personalities in the world today. When he created the pizza restaurant in Thailand, people all over the world became interested in this new kind of food. People were fascinated by the unique and delicious taste that this kind of food provides and they soon started to make a business out of it.

When Mr. Tony pitched the idea to invest into the business in Thailand, the country’s passion for pizza spread all over the world. Pizza Hut Co quickly became one of the most popular restaurants all over the globe. It has since become one of the most recognized companies in terms of the quality and variety of its products and services. People loved Pizza Hut Company and soon the company expanded all over the world.

In 1986, Pizza Hut Co. was purchased by the KFC Company. During the purchase process, Pizza Hut Co was split into two companies. One company was retained as the Pizza Hut Thailand division while the other one became known as Pizza Hut International. The brand was changed to Pizza Hut International in 1990 and remained that way until the year 2020. In the years, Pizza Hut International gained more popularity and the company name was changed to Just Pizza.

There have been many accusations about the Pizza Hut Company over the years. Some critics say that Pizza Hut is only popular in America because of the franchises that they offer. However, the company has also gained significant popularity in many parts of Asia. This is primarily due to the fact that many people are aware of the Company’s franchises in other countries and so they go there to enjoy their meals. Despite the negative criticism, the Company has continued to expand and gain more customers.

When Mr. Tourekat served as the first franchisee, he did not expect the company to be so successful. He started out as just a helper for the owners. Later on, he was able to expand his career and became the company’s third-highest paid employee. Today, he is the company’s fourth highest earning employee. Before he became the fourth highest earning executive, Mr. Tourekat served as the company’s marketing manager.

Mr. Tourekat is also one of the few original founders of Pizza Hut International. Other founders include Mr. John McDonald, Mr. Sam Chisholm, Mr. Robert Kiyosaki, Mr. George Conroy and Mr. Steven Tollen. Since its establishment, the Pizza Hut Company has grown to become one of the most popular franchises around the world. The success of Pizza Hut Co has led to an increase in franchisees all over the world.