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Thursday, February 25, 2021
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A single woman can be a surrogate mother

New Delhi: A law has been recommended that it is not necessary to be a relative or close relation to become a surrogate mother. Any woman can avail this if she is willing to do it. The 15 significant changes proposed by the 23-part select board of Rajya Sabha to the Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2019, likewise incorporate erasing the meaning of ”fruitlessness” as the failure to imagine following five years of unprotected intercourse on the ground that it was too long a period for a couple to sit tight for a youngster. They have also approved that any single woman or divorcee can avail surrogacy may be age group 35 to 45.

As the act is passed, any woman wants to go for the surrogate procedure on the basis of her will. This is included in the act.As to qualification criteria for benefiting surrogacy method, the advisory group suggested expelling the arrangement of prerequisite of five years as the time of failure to consider before picking the methodology. It noticed that there might be sure demonstrated ailments like nonattendance of uterus by birth, non-useful uterus, evacuation of uterus because of malignant growth, fibroids and so forth or patients with incessant ailment where ordinary pregnancy is precluded and it is medicinally demonstrated without question that surrogacy is the main alternative.

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