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Aftermath of the Indian Tsunami

The aftermath of the Indian tsunami has been swift, and furious, but is there any hope for the devastated areas? The disaster that hit India was the worst ever natural disaster in its history.

While most people were busy going about their daily lives after the devastation in Haiti, the Indian coastal region had yet to recover from the devastating effects of the tsunami. The disaster affected the lives of thousands of families and was a wake up call for many. It was so traumatic that many who had never experienced such destruction before felt it as they slept. Those who survived felt hopeless, so they resorted to drinking water from their own rivers.

Some still think that since the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh is not affected by severe natural disasters, that the Indian society is not broken up by poverty and underdevelopment. It is true that Gujarat is not much affected by natural calamities. The region also escaped the devastation that hit the other states. However, the coastal region of Andhra Pradesh did suffer serious damages. While the northern coastal regions suffered from a tsunami, the southern region suffered from low tides.

When the water receded, those living on the high tide were left in the dark and with no way to get help. If you are living in the southern states of Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat or Maharashtra, you must get yourself and your family out of harm’s way as soon as possible. There are no more options for survival.

The Indian coastline in these regions was hit by the tsunami as it washed away everything that was not seaworthy. The sea has many dangerous waves that can wipe out coastal areas. You will need to get out of the area as soon as possible because the waters may rise very fast if you stay there for too long.

Emergency Disaster Relief Teams (EDRT) have already set up camps for people stranded on the beaches and have warned people to move inland quickly. Be sure to bring you lifejackets, a portable radio and medicines that can be used to treat respiratory infections. Have some food, blankets and other essentials ready to provide for yourself and your family.

If you are displaced and you have property worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, you must immediately contact a lawyer to handle your case. Having a lawyer present at the meeting where you choose compensation for your property is a good idea as well.

The Indian government will also help you if you are displaced. The government does not have enough funds to compensate you for your property, but if you can prove that your property is rightfully yours, the government may be willing to pay you damages.

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