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All about Unlock 4

In Odisha, the state government yesterday lifted lockdown limitations for September and declared its rules for Unlock 4. Outside auditoriums will be permitted to open in the state after September 21. The express government’s structure said that no authority will force any nearby lockdown at region, sub-division, city or beneath levels outside the regulation zones. Nonetheless, at whatever point required in light of a legitimate concern for control of the illness and avoidance of the spread of disease, limitations on portability, assembly, activity of shops and foundations, workplaces and different exercises might be forced in conference with the focal government, Chief Secretary A K Tripathy said in a request.

The spots which will stay shut to people in general in Odisha incorporate strict spots, film corridors, pools, amusement buildings, auditoria and gathering lobbies. These will stay shut till September 30. Then, in West Bengal, the state government has adopted a wary strategy in the wake of the rising number of Covid-19 cases. Complete lockdown will be forced over the state on September 7, 11 and 12 to contain the spread of the contamination, boss secretary Rajiva Sinha said yesterday.

The request gave by Sinha likewise said lockdown will be reached out in control zones in West Bengal till September 30. The Madhya Pradesh government on Monday reported withdrawal of statewide lockdown on Sundays, however film corridors and pools will keep on staying shut till September 30. Coronavirus testing won’t be compulsory for each one of those wishing to enter Goa from September 1 and the bars-cafés can open despite the fact that they should follow the rules gave by the Uniojn home service, boss pastor Pramod Sawant said yesterday.

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