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An Overview of Indian Food – From Grained To Flatbread

If you are planning a holiday in India, you will surely have many things on your mind. You must of course think about air tickets, hotel rooms, sightseeing etc. However, another very important thing that you should keep in mind is its cuisine. Indian cuisine is world famous and is known for its spiciness, uniqueness, and mouth-watering taste. Some may be piquant, while some may be less so, still they all are enticing and colorful.

Here are 10 popular Indian dishes that you should try out. They are not only mouth watering and delectable, but also have myriad spices that add to the flavor of the Indian cuisine. The first on the list is Makhani or Curry. The different spices used in this curried dish include red chili powder, various flavors of pepper, and an assortment of different Chiles like the red chili.

If you love the taste of Indian curries with a hint of garlic, then there are plenty of options available to you. There is the famous South Indian Masala Chutney which is very similar to the traditional chutney made in the UK. There is a popular variation of this called Bhaji masala chutney and this is spiced with red chili powder, mint, and cloves. There is also a roast chicken called Halwa that is prepared using coriander leaves and is very tasty and served with mango juice. There are so many varieties of Szechwan dishes that it would take an entire article to talk about them all.

From the time the British colonized India to the end of the 20th century, every part of India was changed by the influence of people from other regions. This is evident in the variety of foods that are consumed throughout the country. The chapatti is a very popular North Indian dish that is a flat bread that is made by stuffing chickpeas or beans with spices and other ingredients. It is eaten throughout India on several festivals including Diwali.

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