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Battle of Hastings- History of England

The Battle of Hastings is a pivotal event in the history of England. It is most often described as the last battle in the Battle of Hastings. To me, it was a turning point.

The English were at war with Norman invaders from France. Their defeat of the Vikings at sea by fighting them off led to an attack on the coastal lands of England. From there, they marched to England. The final phase of the Battle of Hastings is the naval battle which almost brought the English to their knees.

Battle of Hastings: Turning Point in the History of England

In England, there were different religions and Christian preaching. However, the entire political structure and Church structure of England at that time made it impossible for many to support Christianity. Thus, the Viking religion gained an even stronger foothold in England.

Moreover, there were religious and political leaders who used the English church for personal gain. These people resorted to wars and the ever-growing Viking armies in order to gain political power.

The leaders then set about establishing laws against heresy and the persecution of believers, all of which escalated into a civil war. The military forces eventually won. There was a time of stability in England until the Norman occupation of England.

The battle of Hastings then became the point where the ‘great king’ Harold launched his invasion of the Saxons. It’s a period in the history of England. Some historians say that the invasion of the Vikings is the beginning of the Norman Conquest. It is another story.

Even though the Saxons are gone now, their new lands have changed. These people are now called Normans.

Then there was a time when there were Norman kings, including the Norwegian kings, who formed the Holy Roman Empire. This was in the later part of the fifteenth century. At this time, there were very strong aristocratic families and princes who did not like the idea of Christian rule.

Now, Norway is a democratic country and the Norwegians have incorporated the oldest religion known to man. Still, there is still plenty of Christian influence there, as the Norwegians are a Catholic country. The Norwegians today have modernized the infrastructure and made the country livable for its citizens.

The Norwegian pirates were wiped out by the English at the Battle of Hastings. However, the rule of those Vikings became quite oppressive.

This is why today, Norway has a general population that includes Christians and Muslims alike. You can go to a mosque and pray to Allah in one of the many mosques in Norway.

Because of the weakness of the Vikings, the rule of the Norwegians, and also the lack of a king, Norway has been able to integrate many different cultures and religions into one. It is because of this reason that I believe that the Battle of Hastings was a turning point in the history of England.

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