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Thursday, April 22, 2021
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Blood Donation Camp by Women Congress

Balangir: Bari Samaj has come forward to save the society from poverty in the ages. Today, six leaders, led by Congress leader Milani Sahu, donated blood to the local blood bank to eradicate anemia in the blood bank in Balangir. “This will definitely inspire the people of Balangir,” said Congress leader Milki Sachu. Milki Santu, Mira Behera, Rashmita Behera, Anita Seth, Kamalini Behera and Shantilata Sahu donated blood at today’s blood donation camp. Revealingly, the corona effect showed a lack of blood donors in the blood bank. As a result, anemia was reported in the blood bank of Balangir. . At the request of the blood bank officials, the city

Various voluntary organizations organized blood donation camps. But in view of the need for a long-term camp to eradicate blood shortages in the city, the Balangir City Congress Committee, led by district vice-president Manish Mishra and city president Bulu Dani, decided to hold a one-month blood donation camp. Meanwhile, a women’s team led by local Grace Netti Mili Sahu donated blood today. Today’s event was presided over by Apurba Bibia, Sabita Shatapathi, Congress leader Ajay Bali, Asit Mishra, city coordinator Kul Patnaik, Akta Behera, Somdip Sarap, Meghnath Kar, Randir Pradhan, Kailash Mishra, Lopan Mishra, Tuna Sahu, the chief of the Sanik dynasty, encouraged the blood donors.

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