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Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Canada PM – A World Leader in Leadership – More Than Just Hockey

Canada PM is one of the world leaders in political leadership. He is also an accomplished traveler and has visited all parts of the world, which is more than many other people have done. His record speaks for itself. In two terms as Prime Minister of Canada, he did successfully balance Canada as a multi-ethnic society with a strong national identity. He brought unity to a country that was once divided between Canadians from four different provinces.

As he traveled to promote the values of unity, peace, and freedom, he was admired not only by his fellow Canadians but by world leaders as well. He was welcomed warmly at the airport in Canada and is regarded as a national hero. On the other hand, Canadian officials take offense when you suggest that Canada was, or is, a much better place under his leadership. The truth is that he had to lead Canada through difficult times in order to bring unity to a country that was on the verge of disintegration. His five years as Prime Minister did not end with his term as prime minister, but he was succeeded by his wife, succeeding him as the country’s first prime minister.

Justin Trudeau is now the country’s latest PM. As head of the third largest political party in the country, the Liberals have been leading in the opinion polls for the last two years running. Many attribute this to Justin’s personal charm, his knowledge of Canada’s global affairs, and his laid back style. All have contributed to his being considered as a future world leader. In fact, he was listed as one of the top ten young Leaders of the world. This made him the youngest person ever to become a head of a major international political party.

After two terms as Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is now the President of the National Hockey League. He took over as the commissioner of the NHL after the unexpected resignation of incumbent Gary Bettman. Many saw this as an opportunity for Trudeau to prove that he is a leader who commands respect and trust. While there were suspicions about Trudeau’s abilities as a leader, his appointment as the league’s top official did raise some expectations regarding his leadership abilities. With an impressive track record as the player and manager of the Boston Bruins, and a number of honors to his name including Olympic gold, this only reinforced the view that he has what it takes to be the leader of the world.

For many people around the world, Canada’s role in the world is synonymous with hockey, and they would do well to remember that the country has a number of great hockey teams. Two of its most successful teams – the Vancouver Canucks and Toronto Maple Leafs – have set records in the recent past, winning the Stanley Cup in 2020 and securing bronze at the Olympic Games this year. The team is widely considered one of the favourites to win the trophy again this year. Representing Canada at the Olympic Games will also give the country a chance to display its unique sporting culture and give other world leaders a good look at what it takes to excel at the highest level. Many other countries will be watching closely to see if Canada has what it takes to be taken seriously as the next world leader.

With Justin Trudeau as the latest member of the world’s top leadership team, it is clear that Canada is not sitting still. It is always rising to the challenge and always looking to influence other nations for the better. The next few months will provide an interesting test – will our country be able to overcome other countries in the region and retain its spot at the top of the international game? And can we make the case to the rest of the world that we are the nation that can provide the type of leadership that the world needs us to? Only time will tell.

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