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China declares sanctions on British people, elements

China: China declares sanctions on British people, China on Friday declared authorizations on important British people and elements. As indicated by an assertion by a Chinese Foreign Ministry representative, the UK forced one-sided sanctions on important Chinese people and substance, refering to the alleged basic liberties issues in Xinjiang, Xinhua news office revealed.

“This move, in light of only lies and disinformation, outrageously penetrates global law and fundamental standards overseeing worldwide relations, horribly meddles in China’s interior issues, and seriously sabotages China-UK relations,” said the proclamation.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has gathered British Ambassador to China to stop serious portrayals, communicating firm resistance and solid judgment.

The Chinese side chooses to endorse the accompanying nine people and four substances on the UK side that malevolently spread falsehoods and disinformation: Tom Tugendhat, Iain Duncan Smith, Neil O’Brien, David Alton, Tim Loughton, Nusrat Ghani, Helena Kennedy, Geoffrey Nice, Joanne Nicola Smith Finley, China Research Group, Conservative Party Human Rights Commission, Uyghur Tribunal, and Essex Court Chambers.

“Starting today, the people concerned and their close relatives are restricted from entering the territory, Hong Kong and Macao of China. Their property in China will be frozen, and Chinese residents and organizations will be denied from working with them. China maintains all authority to take further measures,” said the articulation.

China is immovably resolved to defend its public power, security, and improvement interests, and cautions the UK side not to go further down some unacceptable way. Something else, China will fearlessly make further responses, said the proclamation.

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