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Congress supports the call of senior citizens

Bhubaneswar-August 9, Revolution Day, is a historic day for India. On this day, the Bharat Quit Movement called for millions of people to protest, and the agitation was so intense that India became independent on 15 August, with the disappearance of the British monarchy from India. “Everyone is happy with what has happened in the state in the last 20 years, whether the unemployment problem has been eliminated or no work has been done.” “The BJP government, which has ruled the state for 20 years and the BJP government that has ruled the Center for four years, is only a government of promise, propaganda and deception,” said PCC president Shri Niranjan Patnaik in a press release.

The country’s economy is in a state of disarray.Citizens who are protesting today in protest of the erroneous amendments to the Agriculture, Environment and Labor Law in the name of electricity reform, overcrowding and neglecting the interests of farmers and workers are all set to leave the country tomorrow for the protection of the country and the state. “I urge the people of India and the people of Odisha to take part in this fast and to do what we can for the country and what is going on in this country and the state,” he said. Performing all the duties to safeguard the impartiality of the people of Odisha, the youth of Odisha, the students, the students, the youth of all the states and the states are calling on the people of Odisha and the people of Odisha to oppose the anti-people policies and activities of the new Modi government and the new government in the state. On the anniversary of the quit movement, a 12-hour hunger strike was held in their homes from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. PCC president Shri Niranjan Patnaik has appealed.

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