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Cop robbed on gun point

Bhubaneswar: A police officer in Odisha was ransacked of her gold chain, ear rings and bangles at weapon point on Sunday morning. DSP (Vigilance) Tanuja Mohanty was remaining before her official habitation at Unit-3 territory of Bhubaneswar at the beginning of today when two bicycle borne bastards rode up and requested some close to home subtleties. Before she could answer, they pointed a weapon at her and requested that her hand over all the gold adornments she was wearing.

As per the police, since the knaves endeavored to grab the gold chain from the DSP’s neck, she raised a caution following which her better half hurried out of the house. “Anyway one of them undermined the DSP’s better half with a similar weapon. They at that point got away from the spot after the occurrence,” a police authority of Kharavela Nagar police headquarters said. A grievance has been stopped at the Kharavela Nagar police headquarters.

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