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Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Corona pool test in Future

Bhubaneswar: Pool Test ahead. However, Health Minister Nab Das made the important remarks at a ministerial meeting held today. He said Covid-19 pool test in the state in the coming days. Multiple samples will be tested at once as it simply came to notice then. Which has been accepted by the Central Government. In addition, Burla Medical now has a test kit. It has been asked to increase its capacity in the coming days. Steps have been taken to ensure that all medical colleges in the state can do the test.

Similarly, Nab Das has proposed for the health disaster mitigation training center in the state. We need to make arrangements for the training of paramedic staff in the state in the event of a health crisis. “we have to focus on improving the quality of our trainings and skills” according to Pratap Jena.

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