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Friday, May 7, 2021
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Corona status in the state by Commissioner

Bhubaneswar: The capital is in a bad shape as the number of corona patients are increasing in the state. The BMC commissioner Premachandra Chaudhury said in a press conference that 2861 corona patients identified in the capital till now. Today, 126 corona positive identified where as 133 patients recovered in the capital. 571 patients identified from the slum. 16 in the ICU and 3 patients are there in the ventilator.

“Negotiations have been held with the traders,” he added. Negotiations are underway to enforce the corona cut in the market. Follow Corona rules when you go to the market. Don’t go to the market all the time if you need to. Keep social distance by wearing masks when going out. Buy items for 3-4 days without going to the regular market. Eighty-one people were killed in the potato attack. Twenty-one positives were identified from the fish market.
Almost all of the customers are standing there eating in the crowded street food shops. Without doing so, he asked to take the parcel home. In addition, we have not yet received any cases in 70 percent of the slums. Slum patients cannot stay at home in the area. Government restraints have been made for them. “Anyone who comes up with a positive test must stay in isolation,” he said.


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