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Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Corona took 437 lives in India

New Delhi: The number of people infected with the coronavirus is on the rise. Meanwhile, the number of corona-related deaths in the country has risen to 437. This was reported by the Department of Health and Family Welfare. 13387 people are infected with the coronavirus. 1748 have returned home after recovering. A maximum of 194 people have died in Maharashtra.
Andhra Pradesh (14), Assam (1), Bihar (1), Delhi (38), Gujarat (36), Haryana (3) Himachal Pradesh (1), Jammu and Kashmir (4), Jharkhand (2), Karnataka (13), Kerla (3), in Madhya Pradesh (53), in Maharashtra (194), in Odisha (1), in Punjab (13), in Rajasthan (3) in Tamil Nadu (15), Telangana (18), Uttarpradesh (5), Meghalaya (1), West Bengal (7). According to the data of Covid-19, the number of victims in the country is 13,430. Of those deaths, 11,214 are currently undergoing treatment, while 414 have died. Similarly, 1,768 people have recovered after treatment.

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