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Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Danger to “Sriang” if the rath yatra is not done

Puri: There is another news that there will be no rath yatra. When the chariot ride is dangerous to the limbs of the Lord. Thakur will not have a meeting if he does not go to Ansar’s house. That is why the rath yatra is necessary, said Lord Balabhadra’s chief fighter, Haldhar Das Mohapatra. He is commenting on the rath yatra today. “If the rath yatra is stopped, why the bathing procession,” he said. And if you take a bath. Otherwise, there will be no Ansar policy. If the Ansar policy is not followed, Sri Lanka will be harmed.

“It simply came to our notice then. “If there is no secret policy in Ansar, there will be a serious threat to Sri Anga,” he said. “It’s not socially possible to take a bath,” he said. However, he is of the opinion that there would be no bathing procession for 250 Thakurs without 250 people.

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