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Friday, February 26, 2021
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Delhi March – A Perfect Example of Indian Solidarity

Delhi March is a major public event, which attracts people from all across the country on that day. The main feature of this big event is street demonstrations and a large gathering of people against the government of the country, as it is known to be autocratic. The central government in Delhi has failed to provide a stable government to the people of the country. The main reason behind this failure is the increasing inflation rate in the country. The price of all the basic commodities has risen significantly. So, people are not able to purchase many items for themselves and are looking for some sort of assistance from the outside sources.

As we know that money is power so, the common people are looking for some sort of help to sustain their life. In such situation, such public gatherings and demonstrations are helpful. There are lots of organizations that are organizing such events in Delhi. These organizations do not want to see the government fail and they have been working very hard to keep the demonstrations and other activities alive. They have also been supporting and assisting the students of Delhi in their struggle against the government of India.

The Delhi March was planned by various groups of people who have an interest in Delhi politics. Some of these groups are from Delhi itself like the students of Delhi University and the workers of Delhi chamber of commerce. Also, there are other groups which are representing other sections of people. So, it is a broad spectrum of interests.

Earlier, there were demonstrations in Mumbai and other cities but due to lack of space and time, they could not carry on with their activities. However, now the same issues have cropped up in Delhi. People have become quite frustrated and are looking for some kind of help to solve their problems. So, now the Delhi March has been made compulsory by the central government.

The central government has announced that they will not compromise at all and they will take strict measures. Earlier, when there was electricity problem in Delhi, the demonstrations in Mumbai were quite successful in disturbing the normal life of the people of Delhi. But with the help of the central government, the problem in Delhi has been taken care of. Earlier the demonstrations in Mumbai and other cities resulted in damage to public property and there was a huge loss of lives.

The government has been able to calm down the situation and the state administration has taken strict steps to ensure safety and security of the people. Earlier, the people were not very happy with the way the demonstrations were organized and they were facing a lot of inconvenience. But now things have been changed and people have started to organize themselves properly and the situation is getting better day by day. If you want to join any of these networks, just log on to the internet and register yourself.

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