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Friday, March 5, 2021
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Delhi March Upsets India’s Farm Economy

The Delhi March is a massive gathering of people, who participate in massive street demonstrations against the government of the national capital. It is an annual event when people from all the states gather to express their anger at the policies of the federal government. The main slogan of the Delhi March is “Rahul Gandhi ji”, (I am the voice of corruption) and all those who join this march are trying to convey to the government that the people are fed up with the policies of the present dispensation, and they want a change.

Farmers from different regions of the country have joined hands in solidarity in Delhi to express their demand for better farming conditions. Farmers have been on the verge of joining hands with the common people to protest the policies of the present government which has not done much to help the farmer’s economy. Earlier this year farmers had planned to strike against the government over their lack of loan waivers for the small farmers. But now the demands have escalated to the level of forcing the government to do something. The Delhi March has become an occasion when farmers are pelted with stones by the thousands as they try to block the assembly of the national capital from going on till the next date. This is the worst ever witnessed in the history of Indian politics and this is what has brought about a massive reaction in the capital.

The main issue that the Delhi March is all about is the exploitation of the farmers by the BPO companies. The BPO companies have become rich quickly and have become a menace to the legitimate economy of the nation. They have dotted around themselves with numerous illegal businesses such as construction of hotels, malls, roads, bridges, dams, resorts and many more. The central government is trying to bring the BPO companies under control but the central government cannot enforce its wishes at the state level as the Punjabi leaders are very powerful and their rule is absolute.

The central government does have some control over the Delhi March and they are trying to prevent the farmers from attacking the city. If the farmers do take action and riot, then the whole administration of the national capital will be at risk. If the farmers try to go for a peaceful protest, then they will simply end up destroying the capital city of India.

However, the central and the state governments are aware that farmers are the backbone of the country’s economy and without the farmers the country will not be able to survive for long. To appease the farmers, the government has issued a number of grants that have been made available to the farmers. These grants have been specially meant for the people belonging to the agricultural communities and the main issue before the Delhi March is the implementation of the new farm laws. The farm laws have been badly implemented in the previous years as well and the main reason behind this is that there was no communication between the farming community and the national administration. The central and the state governments realized this gap and have come up with special farm policies so that the farm laws are properly implemented in the state so that there is no disorder in the farming sector.

The Delhi March has seen thousands of farmers taking to the streets and they are all demanding for the implementation of the farm policies. The central and the state governments have realized that they cannot just wait and allow the farmers to go on a strike, which means that they will have to introduce some new laws that will help maintain peace in the country. They are trying hard to make the people understand that they have to act in order to maintain peace and get back the economic growth that the country has enjoyed. If the Delhi March is allowed to continue without any action on the part of the government, it is likely that things will take a drastic change in the future.

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