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Home News Dharavi model will be followed by Philippines

Dharavi model will be followed by Philippines

The Philippines government has connected with Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation to execute the Dharavi model of containing the episode of Covid-19 in its thickly populated ghettos.

BMC chief Iqbal Singh Chahal said today, “The Philippines government will be following the Dharavi model for containing Covid-19 in thickly populated ghettos of Philippines.” BMC has shared the subtleties of the Dharavi model with the Philippine government’s wellbeing division, he said. Chahal likewise shared a news report from Philippine Daily Inquirer . The news report peruses, “The DOH proclaimed that it would follow the fruitful Dharavi-Mumbai battle conceptualized by Assistant Municipal Commissioner Kiran Dighavkar. Dharavi in India is Asia’s biggest ghetto where the Hollywood film “Slumdog Millionaire” was shot. It has an absolute populace of 1 million inside a 2.5-square-kilometer zone. This implies eight to 10 individuals in a 9-square-meter region.”

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