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Education – A Key to a Better Life

Education is the process by which acquiring knowledge, abilities, values, attitudes, beliefs, and learning is facilitated. Educational systems include training, teaching, interactive learning, creative practice, guided study and applied research. Education promotes social, physical, mental health, emotional well-being, responsibility, and sustainability. The four main perspectives of education are: freedom, authority, diversity, and together with other elements of culture and society.

Education in Malaysia is governed by both state policy and legislation, as well as by Malaysian civil law. Civil law is based on the United Nations International Covenant on Education, which calls for compulsory education for all children regardless of their gender, age, race or religion. The Malaysian state policy also facilitates education but also recognizes a variety of preferences for learning process, as per individual parents, in keeping with the provisions of civil law.

Non-formal education has many benefits. An informal education helps children to develop their independent living skills. Moreover, children who learn through informal settings do better in school, have greater self-esteem, are happier and enjoy school and enjoy learning more. Formal education helps to nurture the intellectual, social, linguistic and personality development of students. Formal education also develops students’ ability to critically think, comprehend, organize, evaluate and communicate.

Formal education gives you the knowledge you need to survive in the society. A good education helps you communicate, interact, make friends, earn money, serve your community, find a job, participate in public service, become an effective leader, and perform well in your professional life. Good education enables a person to live his life happily and peacefully. On the other hand, a bad education leaves a person with no good career, no money, no friends, no skills, and no one to respect and rely upon.

Formal education teaches you the right values, helps you in choosing the correct path in life, and prepares you for different kinds of jobs. On the other hand, informal education gives you wisdom, practical wisdom, and teaches you how to get along with people in the society. Informal education helps people to think for themselves and how to survive in the society. Informal education also teaches you how to survive in the long run, when you grow old. Good education makes you a better person and leaves you with a better future.

Formal education helps the society by creating skilled professionals like doctors, engineers, teachers, etc. It also makes a better person like a well educated person can contribute well in the society. A good education will impart some lifelong memories in your mind that you can always take with you. Thus, form an enduring foundation for a better tomorrow.

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