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Friday, February 26, 2021
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Elephant calf rescued from well

The calf fell inside the well inadvertently in Gumla region as officials and residents raced to the spot to save it. During an activity that went on for quite a long time, water was siphoned inside the well so the elephant could skim up.

An elephant calf, which fell inside a well, has been protected by timberland authorities and townspeople in Jharkhand utilizing the Archimedes Principle. Indian Forest Service Officer Ramesh Pandey shared photos of the elephant being saved from the well on Twitter and lauded the group for their endeavors.

“Endearing pictures of how keenly the group @dfogumla and townspeople utilizing Archimedes’ physical law of lightness spare an elephant calf who had fell in a well. They siphoned water into well to drift the elephant to surface. Incredible work. @Forest_Dept_GOJ,” Ramesh Pandey said in his tweet.

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