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England History- The Wars of the Roses

When considering the founding of the Tudor dynasty, you must take into account the Wars of the Roses. If you have just arrived in England to begin a new life, it is more than likely that you are completely unaware of the popular and historical figure that originated from your adopted country. However, if you are one of those who has been reading about Tudor history for a while, you may already know the great wars of the Roses that changed England forever. If not, you can still gain some knowledge and interest by examining a few key facts surrounding this period in England’s history.

The Wars of the Roses began as a rebellion against the power of the Roman Catholic Church. To see how events unfolded in the years leading up to the war, you must look at the history of the Roman Catholic Church in England. There were several actions that led up to the rebellion. Catholics wanted to gain more rights as the followers of Jesus Christ. They wanted to join with the native English and French people for better rights.

In order to attain these rights, the English were required to pay an annual tithe. This action, which most people view as “taxation,” actually serves the purpose of raising money for the state. They were tired of how the English needed the money so much. Then, another group started a Protestant sect known as Quakers.

Quakers were pacifists. They abhorred the violence that was associated with religion. Their opinion and reasons were ignored by the Roman Catholic Church of England. They wanted to keep their good graces intact as well as those of the king.

When the Quakers joined the rebellion, the English were ready to fight them. Eventually, they turned their attention towards the Catholic Church. The English held that there was no peace inEngland without Rome. So, with this in mind, they declared their intention to remove the pope from the church.

The Catholic Church quickly responded with a holy war. They tried to kill all Protestants in England. The Pope did not want to eliminate the group of peaceful Christians. Therefore, he gave a very influential speech.

In the midst of the battle, the king of England, Henry Tudor, made a bold move. He elected a council of religious advisors. After the religious advisers made their plans, the royal council passed a law that said no one who did not hold to the orthodox Christian faith could hold the office of king. Protestants felt this would help stop the further violence.

When the king heard about this, he made sure the religious advisors were silenced by the parliament. They argued they were instructed to remain silent by God and not by the king. The law was a strict one and many people refused to obey it.

Eventually, King Henry Tudor had the parliament brought before the monarch’s displeasure. The assembly was all killed except for one, and this man was the last man to die on the battlefield.

This was a horrific time for the various people involved. Some were killed because they opposed the monarch and others were killed because they stood up for their beliefs. Still others lost their loved ones due to disease, starvation, or even execution. All in all, it was a time that could have been much worse for the victims of the war.

However, the two wars of the Roses that were fought later were far more violent. Many of the people who lost their lives during the religious conflict eventually died at the hands of their opponents. Most of the world knows these wars through Shakespeare’s plays and histories.

The only way to truly understand the Wars of the Roses is to have knowledge of the men who were involved. There is no better way to learn about history than from firsthand accounts. Read up on both wars to learn more about the true story behind both conflicts.

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