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Entertainment News From “E!”

Lillie Vazquez, Scott Tweedie, and Rob Stone share a hot cup of coffee every morning with the latest on all things pop culture-oriented. The energetic hosts discuss all the entertainment news, covering everything from the newest celebrity news, to the hottest fashion trends, to all the must-see TV shows. “E! Entertainment News” covers all the entertainment news in music, television, film, and fashion.

The daily “E!” news show – which aired from Sept. 1, 1992, until it was canceled in March 2020 – is among the longest running television programs in history. It covers all the big events in popular culture, as well as the entertainment news that have swept across the country. The “Entertainment News” website features articles written by Lillie, Scott, and Rob about the latest happenings in the world of entertainment.

The Entertainment News also features a “Reader’s Section,” where visitors can find articles about current events, celebrities, popular TV shows, and more. Visitors also have the chance to answer a wide range of questions, ranging from what kind of foods they would like to eat if they were on “Survivor,” to what type of music they would prefer to listen to if they lived on a deserted island. Readers of the website also get the chance to read articles about their favorite stars and entertainers.

Readers are welcome to sign up for email notices about new events, as well as to receive e-newsletters about the latest news and entertainment items. Visitors also get to view photos and videos of some of their favorite stars or entertainers. If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you might want to check out “E!”

The “Entertainment News” website also features an archive section, where past editions can be viewed. From a listing of major TV shows to current celebrity news reports, you’ll find every bit of entertainment news imaginable here.

Fans who love entertainment news will love “E!” They will find all the entertainment news, that they want, from

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