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Fair Game Downloads Apk For Your Mobile Device

Fearless and United Guards are an upcoming online multiplayer shooter game being developed by Bengaluru based on Core Games. The game has so far registered the largest number of pre-registrations in less than 24hours on the Play Store at India. The game has been developed keeping in mind the preferences and taste of different age groups, from youngsters to the children and adults alike. It is a socially balanced game as well, which means that there are no gender issues in this game. The action and shooting part have been extremely well-done.

The story revolves around a post World War II scenario where a group of Americans have been stranded in India after they were attacked by terrorists. Naturally, since their clothes have been wiped out, they have to survive in this jungle. To make matters worse, they have to fight off other tribes who also seem bent on annihilating them. As the survivor you have to find a way to make your weapons last long enough to get back to the camp and eventually make it to the plane. You have the option to either play with a group or with a solo action. Both versions of this exciting game have been launched simultaneously for a successful launch on the Indian App Store.

Apart, from Fearless and United Guards, the other two apps that were recently released on the Play Store have also garnered rave reviews. Fair Game was released first with an impressive score of over 101 percent. The second android app FauG Game Apk was also released in the same week with another amazing score of over 99 percent!

The most impressive thing about FauG Game is that the game does not require any downloads to be played. Players can simply go into its settings and start playing instantly. It’s free and safe to use. You can also play the free demo of the FauG Game app before you buy the real one.

Although the second version has been launched just a week after the first, users are already reporting that the game version is really worth the money. Even the free trials offer a money back guarantee. The developers are aware of the fact that many people would hesitate to spend money for what they consider as an inferior product. Thus the FauG Game download apk has a money back offer of just thirty days, which seems quite a huge leap!

Now let us move on to the Google Play Store and the second game in the series, FauG Game Apk 2020. This one has been in the market for a while now and is still steadily gaining fans. You can download the app straight from Google Play by searching the keywords “FauG Game Apk 2020” on the Google Play Store search box. Just tap the option and choose the download link. When it is completely installed on your device, you can then launch the game right away!

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