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Food That Helps You Poop

The food that we eat is the single most important factor in our overall health. But the largest constipation culprit isn’t what you eat, it’s what you don’t eat. The following foods help you poop, so turn to them next time you need a little help keeping everything moving.

A high fiber diet can help with constipation by making your stool soft. This is particularly true if you have had a recent surgery to remove the intestines. Fiber helps the bowel move easier and is a natural laxative. If you’re not used to eating plenty of fiber, take a fiber supplement. They don’t contain caffeine or other additives, so they won’t cause jitters or headaches.

A good diet plan is one that includes lots of fruits, vegetables, and nuts. These types of foods will help you maintain a healthy digestive tract. Eat plenty of fruits, especially ones that are high in fiber.

Keep in mind that some of these foods will cause bloating, while others will keep you feeling full for longer. Take this into account when choosing what foods to eat, as well. Foods that cause bloating can lead to more straining and, thus, more gas.

One last thing to think about is whether you have any food allergies. Many people who have food allergies will find that they can get relief from constipation just by avoiding certain foods.

Once you’ve decided which foods you can tolerate, stick with them. If you’ve recently taken antibiotics, be sure to ask your doctor about any foods to avoid while taking the medicine. You may also want to talk to your doctor about foods to avoid that may have an adverse reaction to antibiotics, as they can affect your intestinal health.

Avoid foods with a lot of sugar, salt, or fat. These kinds of foods are particularly harmful for constipation because they clog the intestines. If you can’t avoid them, minimize their consumption.

You also want to avoid processed foods. Processed foods can easily add up, and not only do they have little

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