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Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Free transportation for JEE applicants

Bhubaneswar: 37000 students will give JEE test. The government will make arrangements for candidates who need to come and stay. On the other hand, those who come at their convenience will be assisted. And those who need it will be provided with free transportation. The government will make arrangements for arrivals only if the admit card is shown. The JEE Main exam will be held on the 1st and 6th of March. There are 26 test centers in 7 cities in Odisha. Exam centers have been set up in each district for the convenience of children. If necessary, report to the Nodal Center. There will be no restrictions on the attendance of the examine. The nodal center will arrange how the children will behave. You can stay in various engineering college hostels for free. Similarly, children from different districts will be given nodal centers on how to come. The nodal center has been advised to inform the Center Chairman for this. So children are advised to provide information about their relationship at the Nodal Center. If the children give information, the bus will be arranged based on their number. Similarly, the NIIT examines will also provide information at the Nodal Center. The Chief Secretary made the announcement today.

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