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Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Guidelines for discharging corona patients

New Delhi: The Center has issued new guidelines on the discharge of corona victims. The federal government has introduced guidelines for patients with mild to moderate symptoms. According to the guidelines, the temperature will be monitored daily for people with minor symptoms. If the temperature will not come for 10 days, they will be discharged if they do not get temptature for next 3 consecutive days. After discharge, guidelines for home insulation are recommended for 7 days. If symptoms appear after discharge, it is recommended to contact the Covid Care Center. If there are moderate symptoms, it will be monitored for 7 days. It lasts for 3 days and is stable for 7 days will be monitored. The person can be discharged if the situation is stable. Medium-term victims are not required to have a pre-discharge test, so they can be discharged if their clinical symptoms are eliminated. For three consecutive days, there may be a triple charge if the oxygen is stabilized. And if the RTPCR test report is negative, the guidelines stipulate that you can be discharged even if you arrive.

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