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Guidelines for the passengers of Flight and Train

Bhubaneswar: SRC Pradeep Jena today released new information on the corona update. A plane will arrive in Bhubaneswar from the United States, Dubai and Malaysia. A Delhi-bound passenger train is coming to Bhubaneswar. With this in mind, the state government has issued guidelines for air passengers and train passengers. They have to follow the guidelines if they do not, the government will take action. “The rescue squad wasn’t called for him,” she told the Associated Press. According to him, the plane will take off in a group of 20 people from the plane. The outside of the terminal will be lit and stamped. If a person has symptoms in his body, he will be sent to covid hospital. If other passengers with no symptoms will go in their own transport otherwise they can take cab. Those who do not have their own car will go on a limited cab or city bus. When you arrive home, you will be in a home quarantine or paid quarantine. There will be stickers pasted in front of their houses. If they will not feel good then they will not go to the hospital by their own, they have t call 104 for assistance. If anybody violates the law, action will be taken under the Epidemic Act. He added that stickers would also be placed in front of people’s homes. In the other passengers coming in the special trains will give their all details. Balasore and Bhubaneswar railway stations will be seal when these passengers are getting down from the train. In the special testing centers, they will be tested. After the tests they can go home by their cab and they have to stay in the home quarantine. They all have to strictly follow the quarantine rules.

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