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Guidelines for train passengers

New Delhi: The third phase lockdown is going on in the whole country. However, before the lockdown ends, the decision has been taken by the central government that from capital Delhi to 15 different main states, the train services will start. The announcement has also come that the lockdown bookings will start from today. However, special guidelines have been announced for this train journey. The train passengers are bound to follow these guidelines.

The rules by central Home Ministry are:

  1. The Railway Ministry will take decision that which train will pass through which route.
  2. Train timings, how to book tickets, how to enter station and train, all the instructions will be given by Railway Ministry.
  3. Those who have e-ticket, can only come to the station.
  4. On the basis of e-tickets, cab or any driver can’t enter to the station
  5. Screening will be done in all stations, those are healthy, they can only enter into the station
  6. Every coach, railway station will have hand sanitizer provision.
  7. Every passenger has to wear mask in the station and during the travel.
  8. It is mandatory to follow social distancing during entry and exit.
  9. Special instructions will announced for the railway staffs.
  10. When the train will reach its final destination, all passengers have to follow the rules and help the authority.

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