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Wednesday, July 28, 2021
Home News Heavy rain fall for next 4 days at many parts of Odisha

Heavy rain fall for next 4 days at many parts of Odisha

With the new low weight zone over Bay of Bengal further strengthening from yesterday, numerous pieces of Odisha are probably going to be lashed by weighty precipitation throughout the following four days, the Meteorological Center here said.

This is the ninth occasion of a low weight framework over Bay of Bengal since the start of August and another is probably going to come to fruition around October 14, the meteorologist said. The current low-pressure zone, which was framed day before yesterday heightened further and turned out to be all around set apart on Saturday over east-focal and connecting south-east Bay of Bengal with related cyclonic course reaching out up to mid-tropospheric levels. It is probably going to amass into a downturn over the focal Bay of Bengal by today, the met office said. There is likewise a likelihood that the framework may additionally strengthen into a profound despondency during the ensuing 24 hours, it said.

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