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Highlights of the Odisha State Budget 2021-22

Highlights of the Odisha State Budget 2021-22
1. Livelihoods, Economic growth and Health on top of Post-Covid agenda
2. Health, along with drinking water, is a high priority and gets record
3. Agriculture and Irrigation sectors provided a major boost with high
4. Industry and Infrastructure gets a major push to scale up value addition
and job creation.
5. Tourism and Sports gets all-time high allocation to provide top-class
infrastructure in the State.
Main Points:
– A total sum of ₹9,164 crores is allocated for public health care with an increase of
about 19% over the previous year.
– ₹1,353 crores provided under the scheme Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana for free
Medical facilities with coverage up to ₹5 lakh per family in case of male members
and up to ₹10 lakh per family in the case of female beneficiaries.
– ₹3500 crores is proposed to convert SCB Medical College into “AIIMS Plus
Institute” to provide world-class healthcare facilities over the next three years and
₹ 500 crores have been allocated for 2021-22.
– Provision of ₹1,572 crores made under Mukhyamantri Swasthya Seva Mission for
building health infrastructure and services.
– ₹370 crores proposed for maintaining the quality of sanitation, laundry, security,
gardening & lift service in public health facilities under Nirmal Scheme.
Drinking-Water Supply:
– A massive investment of ₹12,000 crores for piped drinking water supply projects
across the State.
– Allocation of ₹17,469 crores to Agriculture and allied activities
– An outlay of ₹1,800 crores under the scheme Krushak Assistance for Livelihood
and Income Augmentation (KALIA).
– ₹819 crores provided towards Interest Subvention on crop loans to Co-operative
as well as Commercial Banks.
– ₹454 crores is proposed towards subsidy for capital investment for the establishment
of Commercial Agri-enterprises and for the popularization of agricultural implements,
equipment and diesel pump set.
– ₹106 crores for the Odisha Millet Mission
– Outlay of ₹1,415 crores for the Fisheries & Animal Resources Development sector
– ₹137 crores proposed for the development of Brackish Water Aquaculture, Marine
Fisheries, Intensive Aquaculture, and Inland Fisheries.
– Allocation of ₹ 8,266 crores for the Water Resources Department.
– An outlay of ₹2,258 crores for incomplete AIBP Projects
– ₹795 crores for construction of In-stream Storage Structures (ISS) in all major
rivers of the State.
– ₹454 crores proposed under state-funded Water Sector Infrastructure
Development Programme (WSIDP) for on-going and new projects
– An outlay of ₹710 crores for flood control and drainage work
– ₹860 crores for Parbati Giri Mega Lift Irrigation Scheme.
– ₹180 crores under RIDF for the Jalanidhi scheme to create additional irrigation
– A sum of ₹389 crores proposed for the completion of 21,000 Deep Bore Wells
– ₹400 crores under Biju Krushak Vikas Yojana for installation of 1500 community lift
irrigation projects
– ₹164 crores allocated for the revival of 1000 defunct lift irrigation points
– ₹101 crores is being proposed under Canal Lining and System Rehabilitation
Programme (CLSRP)
– ₹77 crores proposed under Nabakrushna Choudhury Secha Unnayana Yojana
₹148 crores provided as Infrastructure Grants to OUAT for promoting agriculture
education, research and infrastructure.
Industrial growth:
– ₹425 crores allocated for the development of the Industries sector and attracting
– ₹465 crores to promote the MSME sector, a jump of 86 per cent in allocation over the
previous year.
– Special provisions for Odisha Economic Corridor, Mega Textile Park, Mega
Aluminium Park, PCPIR etc.
– ₹155 crore financial assistance to IDCO for the development of industrial
– Already announced a Special COVID Package of around ₹289 crores to support
MSMEs related COVID19 impact.
– An outlay of ₹163 crores is made for Handloom, Handicrafts, Sericulture and
Textile sectors.
Infrastructure Development:
– ₹1,799 crores is provided for the Energy Sector.
– Financial assistance of ₹500 crores to be provided through equity infusion to
OHPC for buying 49 per cent share of AES in OPGC during 2021-22
– Additional equity support of ₹225 crores is proposed for OPGC to cover the project
cost and installation of the Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD) System.
– ₹332 crores is provided towards equity contribution to OPTCL for the construction of
– ₹2296 crore provided under Road Development Programme for construction and
upgradation of roads in the State.
– ₹912 crores under Biju Setu Yojana for construction of bridges
– ₹600 crores under the scheme Construction/ Improvement of Roads & Bridges
– Provision of ₹2000 crore under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna to complete
4000 km of rural roads.
– Provision of ₹200 crores for the State Highway Development Programme (SHDP);
– ₹100 crores for Biju Expressway to improve connectivity in Western Odisha;
– ₹429 crores for Central Road Fund projects
– Provision of ₹781 crores under improvement and construction of RD Roads &
– ₹300 core under the scheme Mukhya Mantri Sadak Yojana
– ₹100 crores provided for land acquisition, construction, renovation, expansion of
Airports at Rourkela, Jeypore, Utkela, Jharsuguda, and renovation of Birasal
– Outlay of ₹396 crores for the development of Railway projects in the State.
Bus Terminals:
– ₹100 crores for the block level Bus Stand and construction of new Bus Terminal at
– ₹100 crores for urban road transport and development of Baramunda Bus stand
– ₹2,001 crores proposed towards material component under MGNREGA
– A Corpus Fund of ₹500 crores to facilitate timely payment of wages under
MGNREGA pending receipt of Central Assistance for the wage component
– ₹1,270 crores provided under Deen Dayal Antyodaya Yojana–National Rural
Livelihood Mission.
– ₹200 crores for creating 11.13 lakh person-days of wage employment in urban
Heritage Conservation and Tourism Development:
– Allocation to the Tourism department increased by 25% to a record ₹500 crores to
create a top-class infrastructure.
– ₹542 crores allocated to transform Puri into World Heritage City under ABADHA
– ₹200 crores allocated under Ekamra Kshetra Amenities and Monuments Revival
Action (EKAMRA) Plan
– ₹200 crores allocated under Samaleswari temple Area Management And Local
Economic Initiative (SAMALEI) scheme
– ₹349 crores for the Development & Management of Tourist Infrastructure
– ₹83 crores for Publicity of Tourism.
Sports Development:
– Huge increase in Sports infrastructure development with the allocation of Rs 400
crores during 2021-22.
– Birsa Munda International Hockey Stadium in Rourkela will be one of the venues
for the Men’s Hockey World Cup 2023 and is going to India’s Largest Hockey
stadium with 20000 chaired seating capacity and among the most modern
hockey stadiums in the World. The project is taken up at a cost of Rs 120 crores.
– Kalinga Stadium will be upgraded with Indoor Athletic Tracks and Swimming
pools and High-Performance Centre infrastructure. The project is taken up at a
cost of Rs 200 crores.
– State Urban Sports Development project is being taken up at a cost of Rs 450
crores to provide Indoor sports halls in all ULBs and Football/Cricket fields in
Municipalities and Municipal Corporations.
– An investment of nearly Rs 800 crores will be made in the next 1-2 years to give
a major push to the Sports infrastructure across the State. A convergence of
The state budget, DMF and CSR funds will be used for funding the projects.
Education and Skill Development:
– Total ₹24,370 crores allocated for the education and skill development sector
– ₹280 crores provided under Odisha Adarsha Vidyalaya
– ₹3,066 crores for Samagra Sikshya Abhiyan and ₹957 crores for Mid-day Meal
Scheme all of which will have a State share of 40%
– A sum of ₹253 crores under Mo School Programme for infrastructure development
of schools
– Allocation for ₹430 crores under the Gangadhar Meher Sikhya Manakbrudhi
Yojana (GMSMY) to provide school bags to all children from Class-I to V, free
textbooks and school uniform including shoes to all children from Class-I to VIII
and free bicycles to all students in Class-IX of Government and fully aided
schools including OAVs
– ₹1,002 crores earmarked towards all students’ scholarships to be credited
through DBT
– Provision of ₹100 crores for the World Skill Centre in Bhubaneswar
Social Security Measures:
– A sum of ₹2,767 crores is allocated for social security measures
– Provision of ₹1,509 crores under Madhubabu Pension Yojana and ₹923 crores for
National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP) for Old Age, Widow and Disability
– ₹105 crores for Welfare of Persons with Disability (PwD) and ₹14 crores under the
National Programme for Persons with Disability
– ₹969 crores for distribution of rice @ ₹1/- per kg. under the State Food Security
In the scheme, 23 lakh additional beneficiaries are provided 5 Kg rice per month per
beneficiary at the rate of ₹1 per Kg under the Scheme
Women and Child Development
– Total ₹3,906 crores allocated for undertaking various women and child-centric
policy and welfare measures
– Provision of ₹279 crores under the Maternity Benefit Programme “MAMATA”
– ₹1,113 crores is also provided under Supplementary Nutrition Programme (SNP)
Mission Shakti:
– ₹316 crores towards financial assistance and other support to Women Self Help
Groups and their federations under the Mission Shakti programme
– An additional ₹100 crore for the construction of Mission Shakti Gruha at the block level.
SC-ST Development:
– Total ₹29,063 crores allocated under Tribal Sub-Component and SC SubComponent
– ₹110 crores allocated towards social sector initiatives including ANWESHA
– ₹270 crores for construction of hostels for ST girls and urban hostel complexes
under the scheme AKANKSHYA
– Provision of ₹903 crores for pre-matric and post-matric scholarships for ST and
SC students
Support for PRIs and ULBs:
Transfer of about ₹6,950 crores to the Panchayati Raj Institutions and Urban Local
Bodies for the provision of basic services
Regional Development:
– To further the development process in western Odisha, ₹180 crores is provided for
WODC, which is more than double the previous year’s allocation.
– An outlay of ₹250 crores under the Biju KBK Plan to improve infrastructure in the KBK
districts, mainly in respect of Bijli, Sadak, and Pani
– ₹50 crores is proposed under the SETU scheme for the development of
Swabhiman Anchal.
– ₹3,143 crores from DMF and ₹3,814 crores from OMBADC are proposed to be
utilized for development works during 2021-22.
– Provision of ₹3,000 crores with a target for the construction of another 5 lakh
pucca houses through the convergence of PMAY-Gramin and Biju Pucca Ghar
– ₹300 crores for the construction of 20,000 dwelling units under beneficiary led
construction and affordable housing and slum development components of
Odisha Urban Housing Mission AWAAS.

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