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Importance of Ramayana Puran

Importance of Ramayana Puran– One of the most crucial themes of the Ramayana Puran is the importance of Lord Ram to human life. No one has seen more clearly than Lord Ram the importance of Ram-Rama to Hindu culture and society. His fame spread far and wide, not only in the religious but also in the secular aspect.

Ram was associated with Hinduism for so many centuries that he became a popular name. His legacy was revived in the Ramayana movie. For thousands of years, we still give praise to Ram. He was called “Ram” because, no matter what era of India we are in, Ram is associated with our Hinduism.

According to Hindu myth, Ram was born during the time of Yuga, when the world was dying from the curse of gods. Yuga was a time of natural disasters, war and bloodshed. In the end, while many heroes were sacrificed in the battle field, Ram chose the pure path. He lived a life of renunciation and was converted into a tree.

Ram was the only God to whom worshippers believed in and believed that they should do all they could to please the God and serve him. It was believed that only Ram could show the way to greatness, where a God could reside without interference from humanity.

Short Overview Of Ramayana- Importance of Ramayana Puran

The importance of Ramayana story does not rest only on the fact that we can read it. We can also make it our own by observing certain characteristics which remind us of the importance of Lord Ram.

The original meaning of the story is attributed to three brothers, Prahlad, Ravana and Hari. Ravana is known as the lord of death. When he is killed by Prahlad, he becomes the life of Ram-Rama.

It was said that when Ravana took his first breath of death, Ram-Rama had taken his first breath of life. As a result, Ram-Rama attained the complete sense of life and happiness. Know More- About Ramayana

The original meaning of the entire story can be known by looking at the myth that says: “Rama was a dying man, but as a result of his devotion to God, he did not even die”. Ram-Rama is the king who survives all the evil kings in the world.

Ram-Rama is the king who can take any form and help anyone in his land. As a result, Ram-Rama is the one who became the king.

Ram-Rama is the king who is possessed by a god. As a result, Ram-Rama is the one who controls the mind and body. The supreme God is worshiped by humans.

As a result, Ram-Rama is the one who will see the existence of the humans who never existed. Ram-Rama is the king who gives protection to the pure and honest. Ram-Rama is the king, who may appear in any form and who walks everywhere.

The significance of Ramayana story is much greater than mere knowledge. It is said that it can be the greatest gift to Hinduism. It can teach us how to live life with total devotion to the Supreme Being.

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