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Income growth should be the first priority to attain sustainable development goal- congress





*Income growth should be the first priority to attain sustainable development goal- congress*


Bhubaneswar – The present day economic scenario of odisha is in a devastating condition during the tenure of ruling BJD is what alleged by the Odisha Pradesh Congress. In a press meet today at party head quarter at Bhubaneswar Ex- Minister and Senior Congress Leader​ Bijayalaxmi Sahoo along with Prasant Satpathy, Spokesperson OPCC accused the ruling BJD Govt. of derailing the economic growth of Odisha during last 21 years. The Mission Shakti dept. of Odisha has​ claimed that the dept. has achieved its target as fixed for Rs. 1 thousand crore every year for financial year 2019-20 and 2020-21 with a govt business of Rs. 1412 crore & 2172 crore respectively. Chief Secretary of odisha has informed the same in a high level meeting but the pertinent question lies here that – is it really helping the SHG Members to be financially strong and is it helping to enhance their family income? The answer is absolutely ‘No’ because the figure given by the govt. is proving it. In the year 2019-20 the amount of business is Rs. 1412 crore and if the profit margin in a higher side calculated @ 20% then it comes to Rs. 282 crore 40 Lakh. The number of SHG’s participated in the business was 20449 and thus each SHG gets an amount of Rs. 1 Lakh 38 thousand. Again if one SHG consists of on an average 12 members then each member gets an amount of Rs. 11,500/- per year and 958/- per month and Rs. 32/- per day.


The calculation for the year 2020-21 is also very astonishing and demoralizing too. Total business was Rs. 2172 crore, profit @ 20% comes to 434 crore 40 lakh which is to be devided between 62514 numbers of participant SHG’s. Then per SHG the income was Rs. 69488/- and on an average if one SHG consists of 12 members then it comes to Rs. 5791/- per member for one year, Rs. 482/- per month and Rs. 16/- per day.


So now it can be well seen that how a women member is meeting her family’s basic minimum requirements with such a scanty income. It said that the women are the finance ministers who controls their family budget. But after spending the entire time and labour if she gets Rs.32/- and Rs. 16/- for each day then the rosy picture shown by the odisha govt. is false and frivolous. That’s the reason why the family income is not increasing in the states of odisha and people are unable to lift them from the BPL category to APL category.


The CM Naveen Pattnaik’s flagship program – One rupee rice is basically a central govt sponsored scheme, was started during the Congress lead UPA govt at centre in the year 2013. But its like a cover in a skeleton, if the cover of One rupee rice is removed then the acute poverty of the people of odisha can be well seen. The price rise of Dal / pulses, edible oil, cooking gas, electricity tariff etc to name a few is putting immense pressure during the covid-19 pandemic situation when regular income is almost zero.


The unemployment is another jolt to devastating economic condition of odisha. The present BJD govt is entirely failed to create employment opportunities in the state of odisha. During covid one the govt was declared to have a skill mapping program to engage the migrant labourers who returned to odisha. But till date it is not done. In the 2020-21 budget the govt has fixed a target of creating 20 crore labor day the question is how many labor days were ceated till date? Do the govt has any answer?


​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ That Mr. Satpathy has advised the BJD govt. instead of indulging in headlines management and false propaganda should take appropriate action to enhance the income of the common man and specifically women members of our society.

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