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India Against BJP Loot: Congress

*India Against BJPLoot *

Bhubaneswar: The Congress party launched a new campaign on social media, which received an overwhelming response from the people. In one hour, #IndiaAgainstBJPLoot was trending at number 1 in the country and by 4pm the tag had well over 100K tweets. Thousands of videos of people speaking from around the country have been uploaded onto social media platforms, highlighting the plight of every citizen.

The response to this campaigns speaks volumes of the state of affairs in our nation today and the sentiment of our people towards this power hungry & crony-capitalist government.

For the third month in a row the Modi govt has increased the price of LPG cylinders, since January 2021, the price of one cylinder has increased by Rs. 190. Fuel prices have been increased over 67 times in the last 8 months. The price of cooking oil has increased by over 50% in 1 year. The cost of living is exorbitant & the poor & middle class simply cannot stand it anymore.

Shri Rahul Gandhi also held a press conference to question the government on the exorbitant prices, the purpose of NMP and where all the money the govt is collecting is going.

The people of India have had enough, they will no longer stand idly by as the govt sells off our nation bit by bit to their suit-boot friends, they will stand up & raise their voice against BJP’s loot.






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