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Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Indian Farmers Protest Against Mega-crop Worsening of Farmland

The next Indian Farmers’ Protest is expected to be launched by farmers in Punjab and Haryana on the 4th of April. The target is to disrupt the implementation of the land acquisition policy of the government. The policies, approved by the cabinet, have been passed on the basis of massive farmer demonstrations in the past, where the farmer’s demonstrations were violently dispersed by the police. This time farmers from all over India are preparing for a strike by farmers, in the regions where they are living. “We will not yield to the RSS agenda”, said Shri Bhairav Rai, from Sikandra in Punjab.

The policies, approved by the cabinet, have resulted in an increase in the price of almost all commodities. This increase has not been met with any counter-payment from the manufacturers. On the other hand the price hike has been approved by the Reserve Bank of India, and it is the decision of the Reserve Bank that there is no need to raise the rate.

The policies, approved by the cabinet, are in violation of the international trade and investment pact signed with European Union. ” Farmer’s Protest against this unjust policy are disrupting the livelihood of farmers and obstructing the smooth functioning of the agricultural sector”, said Dr. SR. Naidu, the chief minister of Kerala. In order to save the country from foreign hands, the center left government is trying to pass the farmer related bills in the national assembly. ” Farmers are losing the guarantee of fair prices from the federal government, and the central finance ministry has refused to back the demand of the farmers”, added Shri Nitin Mehta, the finance minister of Himachal Pradesh.

The main issues bothering the farmers are reduction in the rate of interest, increase in the prices of the agricultural products and reduction in the quantity of the rice. Farmers are also demanding for a hike in the salaries. ” Agricultural workers are the backbone of the Indian economy”, said Dr. B.K. Pillai, former chief minister of Kerala. “The farmers are our strength and without them the economic development of the nation will come to a standstill”.

“This problem cannot be solved in a day or two. We need time to analyze the problem and come out with a concrete solution”, said Mehta. “Mamakom is in a state of alert as the strike by pliable rural workers threatened the entire trade and normal life of the region”. “We cannot accept such drastic measures”, said Mehta. “PM’s policy and decisions are moving us away from the path of recession and further recession will move us towards it”.

The government is taking the support of all the unions including the farmer’s to implement the new policy in a firm manner. Farmers’ associations have demanded for the return of the advance amount so that their monetary conditions can improve. “We will not pressurize them for returning the money. They will have to think about their immediate requirements first before pressingurizing on matters regarding their monetary conditions “, said the CM.” Farmers have always been a part of our inclusive policies of economic partnership but due to the recent hitches we have taken they are not feeling very good about returning back the advance amount.

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