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Indian Farmers Protest Against the MSP

The next Indian Farmers’ Strike is planned for the coming year. Till now, farmers in various regions of India have been struggling to meet the needs and demands of their communities and the Government. Recent developments show that farmers have been increasingly angered over the impact of the minimum yield policies of the Government. Farmers are now demanding better returns from the agricultural sector to make ends meet. With the increasing prices of agricultural produce, farmers across the country are facing problems and difficulties to meet their basic needs.

The lack of return in the agricultural sector has left many farmers in a financially deteriorated position. The present Government has adopted policies that are adversely affecting the farmer’s income. The major problem faced by the farmer is the sudden increase in the price of agricultural produce due to non-availability in the agricultural markets. Farmers have also been affected by the increasing export duties and import taxes imposed on certain items like vegetables, fruits and pulses. Thus, all these factors together have caused a financial crisis among Indian Farmers.

There are various reasons behind the farmer’s economic agitation. Among these is that they feel that the policies adopted by the Government are not in the best interest of the common farmers. The current government policy is based on patronage, and not of economic reasoning. Thus the policies are being imposed on the basis of who is best known by the farmer, rather than upon the needs and demands of the farmer.

The main cause behind the farmer’s anger is the introduction of the Minimum Support Prices (MSP) policy. The policy is said to reduce the farmer’s input costs, but at the same time it increases the farmer’s input cost as it is unable for the farmer to find new sources for buying seeds, fertilizers and pesticides. The MSP policy has forced farmers to expand capacity at an unnatural rate, which has made them incur heavy losses. As a result the farmer’s agitation is spreading fast in the field of agriculture.

The farmers are now demanding that the Government must stop all such harmful and senseless policies and bring back to economy an independent and fair free market system that will allow for both supply and demand of the products. They are demanding that the MSP policy must be replaced with a regulated agricultural price system. This way farmers will be able to decide themselves for themselves, how much they can sell their crops at what price. This is because the present MSP regulation has driven up the cost of the crop, making it very expensive and difficult for the common farmers to survive.

The demand of the farmer is that due to the MSP and its effects on the market, the Government must immediately bring the MSP rates down. Otherwise the impact will be felt by the farmers who will be compelled either to produce less crops or to sell their remaining stocks at a subsidised rate. The farmer’s demand for the reduction of MSP is being taken seriously by the farmers themselves who have lost their jobs due to the policies of the MSP.

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